The Queensland Ranger Association (QRA) is a professional body that represents the staff who manage Queensland’s protected areas.

Incorporated in 1996 by a group of rangers in northern Queensland, the initial aim was to create a support network that allowed rangers in remote areas to stay in touch with each other.

Today, the QRA is a State-wide organisation that supports rangers in effectively carrying out their varied roles as conservation managers in the constantly-changing work environment. The association helps rangers develop the skills, wisdom and resilience needed to thrive in their chosen careers. The QRA provides a valuable network that enables rangers to stay in touch, share their experience, develop stronger working relationships and support each other in managing the challenges faced daily in this profession.

The QRA monitors, protects and enhances the working conditions of Queensland rangers. It supports them in coping with the demands of the work environment, provides advice and guidance on the interpretation and implementation of official policies and procedures, liaises on behalf of rangers with the Queensland Government on conservation management and staff issues, and supports interactions between national and international ranger associations.

Meet the QRA Executive Committee and District Representatives.


 Queensland Ranger Association